• Eating Well to Win:
    Inspired Living Through Inspired Cooking

    Hardcover | Mango Publishing | September 12, 2017 | 208 pages

    My most precious childhood memories, are those spent in the kitchen with my grandmother. It didn’t matter if she was making my favorite cheese toast or one of her famous lemon pound cakes... I loved being in that kitchen! Who she was as a person was somehow spiritually transferred into anything she cooked and you could feel it with every bite. It was food from the soul. And that's the feeling I want to evoke with my food. I wrote this cookbook to provide the readers a culinary journey into who I am as a Chef and as a person.

    People often ask me, how do I come up with some of my dishes… the answer is simple: I love people and I love food. Both stimulate my craft. Peak performance eating fuels bodies, but it can also enrich souls. Food brings people together, incites conversation, and has the power to heal spiritually, physically, or mentally. I want you to not only prepare these dishes for yourself, but also share them with others.

    I think everyone should feel what I felt when I took a bite out of my grandma's cheese toast. I hope the recipes in Eating Well to Win will make it happen for you.

    The book is designed for those who want to change their eating habits to achieve peak performance, whether that be at the gym or the office. This is an insider’s guide to how it really happens. Step-by-step in 90 recipes I will show the CrossFit enthusiast, the working mom and the weekend golfer how to eat for optimum performance. Readers will get advice on how changing what you put in your body will change what you put out into the universe and make you feel better physically and emotionally. It’s not just about making sure you get the right mix of veggies and carbs. This is about feeding your spirit as well. Eating Well to Win is serves up recipes for inspired living.

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