• Absolute Graphics

    Business Owners

    "The anticipation of new and exciting flavors, is like the night before Christmas. Professionalism, Knowledge of Fine Cuisine & Culinary Creativity are Chef Ingraham's Greatest attributes to the Culinary profession."

  • Roxanne Vargas

    NBC 6 Anchor

    “Chef Ingraham is one of the most talented and creative chef’s in South Florida! His passion for food, flavor and fun over powers your palate at first bite…and just gets better as you eat on and serve yourself seconds!”

  • Dulé Hill


    "Are you a fan of delicious flavor? I know I am and Chef Rich brings the savory…savory good every time! Chef Rich Ingraham…Master of Delicious Flavor and there it is."

  • AJ Johnson

    Celebrity Lifestylist

    "Just when I think I knew of every healthy, tasty, fun way to make food, Rich shows me 5 more!"

  • Gabrielle Union


    "Never in my life have I tasted more delicious and flavorful food that's actually nutritious, as the meals exquisitely prepared by Chef Rich. As an actress, I have to eat meals that are low in fat and bad carbs that also give me enough energy to get through my day... Chef Rich does this like no one I've ever worked with before. He's simply amazing and the best around!"

  • Lisa Joseph

    Business Manager

    "Chef Ingraham is not only a personal friend of mine, but someone who I respect as a talented and creative Chef. His personality and passion for good food shines thru his creative dishes. He has the ability to help people understand and relate to the joy of cooking. I have personally benefited greatly by going thru his private cooking lessons - its allowed me to become more confident in my kitchen."

  • Deirdre Maloney

    Entreprenuer, BPMW

    "Rich is one of those people who is fortunate enough to love what he does for a living, and it really truly shows. There's nothing he can't make whether it's chocolate chip pancakes from scratch with fresh fruit and whipped cream, to a full Easter extravaganza, to authentic down home southern comfort food, to an Italian feast fitting of white table cloths and waiters in tuxedos. If I were on death row, the call i would make for my last meal would definitely be to Rich!"

  • Daune Cummings

    Freelance Consultant

    "Since the moment I met Chef Rich, I think what I appreciated most was how attentive he was to my favorite foods! My trips to Miami are not complete without his food! From pancakes, to mexican to seafood and even him making juice full of veggies, I have yet to taste something I didn't love! And we haven't even gotten to the cookies......... Everything about Chef Rich's cooking makes me long for Miami! His passion for cooking, attention to detail and his presentation is admirable and makes every drop of food more enjoyable!"

  • John Gay

    CEO, TaxDrz

    "So many favors and food have been introduced to me through chef Richard Ingraham I have used his services from intimate settings to large corporate events. There is no limit to what he can bring to the table. Chef Richards cooking is a form of art and the kitchen is his canvas where he combines foods spices and herbs to make a delightful evening. It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial about my great friend and colleague Chef Richard Ingraham. I thank him for expressing his love for food and allowing my taste buds to enjoy!"